Lower School Curriculum Specialist

Providing support in the matter of Curriculum Review and Professional Development as relates to classical distinctives used at the lower school that will help facilitate the delivery of an excellent educational service to our students, both academically and spiritually; actively participating in, and contributing to, the effective administration of the school as a member of the Administrative Staff.  In addition to all of the above, maintain regular teaching duties and responsibilities.

Status:  Full-time, salaried

Required Professional Qualities:

  • Hold a Master’s degree from an accredited post-secondary institution or be willing to participate in a program to complete such a degree within a specified time period.
  • Have a minimum of four years of successful classroom teaching or administrative experience, preferably in a Classical Christian school.
  • Demonstrate a reasonable level of computer literacy.
  • Extremely knowledgeable about Classical Christian methodologies, theories and distinctives.

If interested, please email a completed application, cover letter, and CV to Mr. Paul Jones, Head of School, at [email protected].