Camp Help Wanted

Want to get plugged in, but not sure how?

Take a look at a few employment opportunities below to see the right fit for you at Christ Covenant Camp.


Camp Leader 

In this position, you will get to choose between leading a morning camp, M-F, 9am-12n or leading an afternoon camp, M-F, 1pm-4pm or both any given week during the Summer beginning June 1 and ending August 10, depending on camp needs, extending approximately over ten weeks. The minimum commitment is one week either in the am or pm. You will serve as the lead teacher in the classroom focusing on one of the five camp categories…Academics, Alpha and Omega, Anything Under the Sun, Arts, or Athletics. Our camps’ mission will align with our school’s mission to Love, Educate, and Equip our students to transform the world for Jesus Christ. The classroom will be your stage for you to showcase your talent and expertise, while bringing joy to learning. Learning will center around craft-based activities and tactile learning with a hands-on approach. Your target audience, your students, will guide the flow of every day lessons. Get creative, and most of all…have FUN, leaving your students wanting more at the end of each day. This position is designed for you to let your passions run wild. Whether you are musically gifted, a Math wiz, a baker, or just a Pinterest follower, you are qualified. If interested, please complete an application and email Regan Waters at


Camp Assistant

In this position, you will assist the camp leader for a full week (M-F) of camp either in the am (15hrs), pm (15hrs), or both (30hrs), depending on the structure of any given camp. Demand for each camp offering will determine the need for assistants, so the key is determining your availability to ensure our personnel needs align with your scheduling needs. If you have a preference as to which camp you would like to help assist, feel free to voice that on the application, but again demand will determine our assistant’s summer schedule. Registration begins February 1st, so a continual line of communication between myself and you will begin to occur after this point to ensure our needs align and expectations are outlined. This is an hourly-paid position. If interested, please complete an application and email Regan Waters at


Extended Day Helper

In this position, you will be able to have the flexibility to set your own hours. Full extended day hours are M-F, 7:30am-6pm. We would love for you to commit as much time as you’re able to provide, but will also take what we can get. Even if it is a few hours a day or just daily during the lunch rush, or only at arrival and pickup times, you are needed. Outside of our camps, you will get to be involved in an array of activities on any given day. Mock jeopardy trials, gaga pit fun, board game challenges, and outdoor water balloons and sprinklers on Splash Pad Fridays, are just a glimpse of what your day will consist of. Basically, get paid to have fun. All hands on deck will be needed for Career Day and Field Day events. Assisting with on-site field stays (NC Aquarium, NC Wildlife Association, and Bricks for Kidz) and off-site field trips (Ninja Warrior Zone and more!) will be a part of this position as well. Again, we can work around your availability. If interested, please complete an application and email Regan Waters at

Please Note: 
-Camp will be closed the week of July 4th.
-You can hold more than one position above at any time during the Summer. For example, you can lead a camp one week, assist with two different weeks of camp, and help here and there in our extended day program. In other words, positions are not mutually exclusive.