Head of School Welcome

rob-cropped.jpgThank you for your interest in Christ Covenant School. As you navigate through our website I trust you will discover why CCS is a unique educational environment and also learn about the distinct philosophy of classical Christian education.

A growing number of families seeking a Christian, classical, college preparatory education are finding Christ Covenant to be the ideal environment for their children’s intellectual preparation and spiritual training. Our school’s mission is to be a community that loves, educates and equips our students to transform the world for Jesus Christ.

Students thrive at CCS as they receive an exceptional education aimed at preparing them for college but also for service in God’s Kingdom beyond the college years.  Here are some of the reasons why we believe CCS students are receiving such an exceptional education. 

At Christ Covenant,

  • Students are taught from a Biblical worldview. 
  • Students are encouraged to strive for excellence in their studies “as unto the Lord.”  
  • Students are taught to pursue what is good, true, and beautiful.
  • Students are trained to become young men and women of character.

Our ultimate desire is to train Christian students who are intellectually, spiritually and socially equipped to lead and influence their culture for Christ’s Kingdom. If this is what you desire for your own child or children, please contact us so we can start that conversation.

Wishing you all the best,                                                                       

Robert Lee
Head of School