Capital Campaign


Thanks to our Partners

Lifetime Spartan Club ($10,000 or more)

Conway, Mark and Lisa
Parker, Doug and Barbara
Richardson, Wyatt and Tina

Joshua Stone ($1,000 or more)

Aldridge, Mike and Sue
Barton, Mark and Gilda
Blount, William and Nicole
Carraway, James and Pamela
Chandler, Michael and Michelle
Conway, Mark and Lisa
Deering, Jeffrey and Donna
Evans, Tim and Lynn
Fields, James and Linda
Galbraith, Bob and Rita
Home Builders Supply Co
Joyner, Michael and Gail
Keel, Don and Lisa
May, Judy
Odom, Tim and Christie
Ormond, Herb
Orr, Stephen and Michelle
Parker, Joseph and Lorinda
Parker, Katherine
Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Julius
Peal, George and Ann
Randall, Jonathan and Kathleen
Richardson, Thomas and Tina
Simpson, Jerry and Sonja
Spruill, Shephard and Nicole
Stroud, Mike and Lisa
Tittle, Randy and Beverly
Tittle, Ryan and Amber


300 Spartan Warriors ($300 or more)

Alder, Jon
Aldridge, Matt and Melissa           
Allen, Ted and Nichole            
Anthony, Stephen and Kim            
Bacon, John and Stephanie            
Bagnal, Kirk and Ruth
Bailey, Johnnie and Kenetha
Barton, Mark            
Blackmon, Kyle and Nancy            
Blount, William            
Bolton, Jake and Sue
Britt, Elmer and Marie
Brooks, John and Angie
Brown, Jason and Tracy
Buckman, Francis and Agnes          
Bunch, Aaron & Danielle Kennedy
Bunch, Linda
Burleson, Robert and Lisa
Carraway, Burnie & Pam            
Carroll, Mr. and Mrs. Heath            
Carter, Sheri
Chandler, Michael and Michelle
Chandler, Ruffin.                  
Chatham, John and Brenda
Conway, Mark and Lisa            
Corbett, Ryan and Crystal
Cosby, Spencer and Sue            
Davis, Yvonne Louise
Deering Family            
Earp, John and Dianne
Entzminger, Daniel and Holly

Evans, Tim and Lynn
Everett, Lester and Sandra
Fisher, Maxwell and Meredith
Fit for Life 24
Forehand, David and DeLynn
Furlough, John and Margaret
Galbraith, Bob and Rita
Gallaher, Robert and Suzanne
Gaskill, Paul & Drake, Janel            

Gaston, Bill and Luanne
Gleason, Lyle and Karen            
Goodrum, Jimmy and Kathy
Gray, Joseph and Stephanie    
Gregory, Michael and Mendie
Haddock, Trey, Jennifer, Joyner, Reid
Hamilton, Nathaniel and Wendy      
Harmon,David and Kellye
Harvin, Glenn and Beth
Haskins, James and Angela            
Hepp, Craig and Tori
Hill, Ledger            
Himmelfarb Family           
Jewell, Donna
Johnson, Brent, Shelley & Madeline           

Johnston, Carroll
Johnston, William
Joyner, Mike and Gail            
Keel, Don
Keel, Hank and Cindy            
Kemp, Robert and Michele
Kropiewnicki, Bob and Deb
Lee, Robert        
Leggett, Debbie        
Manning, Dennis and Kris        
Manwaring, Mark and Rachel        
Manwaring, Ron and Sherry        
Marsal, Linda
McKeithan, Jackie
McKnight, Jason and Susan
McLawhorn, Billy and Martha        
McLawhorn, Judy
McLawhorn, Winton and Vicki
Measamer, Frank        
Messer, Larry and Linda        
Mitchum, Bill and Cathy        
Mosley, Steve and Kimberly
Moye, Rachel
Nisbet, Lawton and Dottie
Odom, Tim and Christie
Ormond, Herb        
O'Sullivan, Kevin and Lauren        
Owens, Evelyn (Stunning Results Inc.)
Parker, Christine
Parker, Clint and Lorinda
Parker, Katheryn      
Parker, Matt and Jennifer        
Parker, Mr. and Mrs. Julius       
Peal, Mardy
Phillips Family              
Premo,  Stephen and Debra
Rains, Dan and Wendy

Randall, Jon and Kathleen        
Reeves, Mallory and Blair        
Richardson, Wyatt and Tina        
Roberson, Mike and Tracey        
Robertson, Patrick and Jordan     
Russell, Joe
Sawyer, TJ and Jamie        
Schmidt, Daniel and Jacalyn
Schmidt, Kevin and Susan       

Simpson, Jerry and Sonja
Snowden, Terry and Laura        
Sparrow, Jeff and Margaret
Spencer, Tani      
Spruill, Lee and Nicole        
Stewart, Mark and Brandy
Stewart, Rick        
Stroud Family
Sugg, Ron and Pam        
Suter, John and Cindy        
Sutton, Ernest and Ann
Szucs, Katalin
Tangredi, Christine
Tangredi, Christine      
Taylor, Dee        
Teaney, Myron and Christine
Teaney, Myron and Christine Teaney
Thomas, James and Levon        
Tittle, Randy and Beverly        
VanEssendelft, RC and Jackie        
Vellan, Mark and Lisa Prusinski
Verhaeghe, Bryce and Micheele
Warren, Marty and Jane        
Watkins, Gary and Beth        
Winslow, Phillip and Sherri
Ziegelmann, Bob and Lisa