Annual Poetry Recitals

One of Christ Covenant School's oldest and most important annual traditions is that of the Poetry Recital. It is a time when each student in grades Kindergarten through 12th Grade chooses and commits a poem to memory. After weeks of practice, students will publicly recite it in front of a small audience of peers and family. We do it because “Memorizing poetry turns on kids' language capability. It not only teaches them to articulate English words; it heightens their feel for the intricacies and complexities of the English language — an indispensable attainment if they are to go on to speak, write, and read English with ease. Susan Wise Bauer, author of The Well-Educated Mind: A Guide to the Classical Education You Never Had, argues that memorization builds into children's minds an ability to use complex English syntax. The student who memorizes poetry will internalize the rhythmic, beautiful patterns of the English language. These patterns then become part of the student's language store, those wells that we all use every day in writing and speaking.” An excerpt from Poetry Memorization: Methods and Resources by Jessie Wise and Susan Wise Bauer

Public recitation, combined with the reading and writing benefits gained from studying and memorizing great works of poetry, make Christ Covenant proud of its annual tradition.  Please be sure to mark your calendars and come out to support our students! We are excited to see the talent among our students as they perform!
Click the links below to reference the guidelines and judging criteria:

Lower School Poetry Guidelines                        Upper School Poetry Guidelines