Robert Lee, Head of School

rob-cropped.jpg Mr. Robert Lee joined Christ Covenant School in 2014 as Head of School.  Our community knows Mr. Lee from his previous position as president of the local non-profit organization, Building Hope, and as a fellow parent here at CCS.  Mr. Lee’s resume is impressive and includes a Master’s degree in Education Policy and Management from Harvard University.  His love for the Lord and this school is clearly evident.  Mr. Lee understands our culture, and we believe that CCS will continue to thrive and progress under his leadership.

Christ Covenant School Board

A message from Mr. Lee,

Dear Families,

Thank you so much for considering the Christ Covenant School for your child.  In order to best address the goals of our program, I would like to offer Daniel 1:4 as a Biblical paradigm of education.  This section of Scripture describes a time of dire distress for the nation when the Babylonians had conquered the culture.  The king desired counselors in his court, and his choice of Daniel and his cohorts demonstrates the qualities we wish to instill through a Christ-centered curriculum in our school.

Youths without blemish:  This term describes the result of having saving knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ.  We desire first that students encounter Jesus Christ in a saving knowledge that radically changes their hearts and sets them on course for an eternal life with Him.  

Well-favored or good looking:  These terms denote the favor and posture of a young person who knows they are loved.  Our staff and community strive to create an environment where every child knows the goodness of God and understands what it means to be well favored in His sight.  

Skillful in all wisdom: Beyond simple knowledge of the facts, these youth had the ability to use knowledge rightly and make the best choice in difficult situations.  Our students not only possess knowledge, but also have the character to rightly apply God’s word and make decisions that honor Him.

Endowed with knowledge:  Knowledge includes all fields of science, math, and the physical world.  Christ Covenant School students have the highest levels of learning available to complete their understanding of all subjects of study including AP classes in history, literature, science, and languages.

Understanding learning:  This ability to think and discern truth for oneself correlates to our goal of producing life-long learners.  A classical Christian education teaches youth not only the knowledge they need for today, but the thinking skills that will propel them in the pursuit of Truth for their entire lives.  

Competent to stand in the king’s palace:  The ability to serve is ultimately the ability to lead.  Daniel and his friends had the deportment, manners, and confidence to enter the highest levels of society and give the answers needed for the most pressing questions.  Our students complete leadership and house projects and a Senior Pinnacle project that allows them to address the pressing questions of our age.

To learn the language and the literature of the Chaldeans:  Rather than hide our students from the competing philosophies of our culture, our Christ-centered education will equip them to engage in debates concerning the nature of truth in all subjects from biology to philosophy to politics and ethics.

Daniel resolved himself that he would not be defiled with the dainty delicacies that were offered to the other youth.  This quality decision to follow God’s standards is the ownership and maturity we seek to foster in the lives of our Upper School students.   God honored these youth by making them “ten times better” than the competition.  This ability to outshine the secular culture demonstrates the end result of a student trained in the Biblical methods that Christ Covenant School affirms.  

Thank you for considering the difference.

Robert Lee
Head of School