A story is told of a medieval traveler who wanders upon a great construction project where he finds three stone masons busy at their craft. As the craftsmen are busy with hammer and chisel, the traveler approaches each one and asks, “What are you doing?”

 “Breaking and shaping stones,” replies the first.

“Making a wall,” replies the second.

“Building a temple!” proclaims the third.

While each man had the same job, only the third saw the fulfillment of the task and the value of each step in the process to accomplish the goal. Only the third worker realized the truth, beauty and goodness in everything he had learned and could now apply.

At Christ Covenant School, we understand that God wants to use us to help mold and shape the temples that are your children. Through well thought out and structured classical methodologies, your child will move beyond simply learning and into mastery of the academic disciplines. They will also develop the logic and reasoning skills necessary to delve deeper into these studies. Classical Christian education encourages and cultivates the ability of a student to become a lifelong learner. This does not just mean the ability to understand what is taught, but the added capability to seek out knowledge and discover new things on their own.

At CCS, we want your child to grow and mature in all areas of their lives, in both their spiritual and character development. With our seven pillars of culture–respect, order, unity, diligence, humility, integrity and courage–we aspire to instill these traits in each of our students. These traits enable them to live virtuously and passionately pursue the Lord with all their heart, mind, and soul.

We encourage you to learn more about Christ Covenant School and would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and your family.