Lower School JK-6

A Student’s Week At CCS

School Day Times

7:35 am – 8:00 am  Morning Drop-off

7:55 am – 11:45 am  JK

7:55 am – 3:05 pm  Grades K-6 and Extended stay students

7:55 am – 11:45 am  1/2 day schedule such as Grandparents Day, Parent/Teacher Conference days etc…

M, T, W, TH, F
Each teacher begins the school day with a brief devotional, prayer, and/or recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance. Students learn core subjects (Math, Language Arts, History, Science) as well as their specials (P.E., Music and Art).  Latin is introduced in grades 3-6.

Held on Tuesdays beginning at 8am

Chapel is held weekly in the Sanctuary of the Lower School (except on holidays that fall on a Tuesday) and will be led by selected speakers with varied participation of students.


1st Block:  11:20 – 11-55am  Grades 4th & 5th
2nd Block:  12:00 – 12:35pm  Grades, JK, K & 3rd
3rd Block:  12:40 – 1:15pm  Grades 1st, 2nd & 6th
My Hot LunchBox provides the lunch calendar and portal for ordering hot lunches served by our parent volunteers from local vendors such as Red Robin, Domino’s Pizza, Jersey Mike’s, Parker’s BBQ, Sam Jones BBQ, and Chick-fil-A; they deliver every day.


Curriculum Guide

Also see the Lower School curriculum in the Scope and Sequence.

Goals of Classical Education

Sound Reasoning • Pursuit and Perception of Truth • Harmony


JK: Pilgrim Stories
Kindergarten:  America
Grade 1:  Ancient World
Grade 2:  Medieval World
Grade 3:  New World
Grade 4: 
Modern World
Grade 5:  Classical World
Grade 6: 
Middle Ages


PK:  Jesus Storybook Bible
Promises of God
Grade 1:  God’s Plan of Salvation
Grade 2: 
Patriarchs & Exodus
Grade 3: 
Samuel & Kings
Grade 4: 
Exile & Return
Grade 5: 
Life of Jesus
Grade 6:  The Early Church


Junior Kindergarten:  Numbers and Letters
First Start Reading A-D
First Grade:  First Start Reading E
Traditional Spelling I
Second Grade:  Phonics Literacy
Shurley Grammar 2, IEW
Third Grade:  Phonics Literacy
Shurley Grammar 3, IEW

Fourth Grade:  Phonics Literacy
Shurley Grammar 4, IEW
Fifth Grade:  Phonics Literacy
Shurley Grammar 5, IEW

Sixth Grade:  Grammar I, IEW


Junior Kindergarten:  Life Cycles, Senses, Color
Kindergarten:  Time, Seasons, Animals
First Grade:  Land Creatures
Second Grade:  Swimming Creatures
Third Grade:  Astronomy
Fourth Grade:  Anatomy and Physiology
Fifth Grade:  Physics & Chemistry
Sixth Grade:  Flying Animals and Botany


Junior Kindergarten:  Saxon K
Kindergarten:  Saxon 1
First Grade:  Saxon Math 2
Second Grade:  Saxon Math 3
Third Grade:  Saxon Math 4
Fourth Grade:  Saxon Math 5
Fifth Grade:  Saxon Course 1
Sixth Grade: Saxon Course 2


Classes learn and practice in the specialized subjects of art, music, etc.


JK:  Art project coincides with the overall curriculum and relates to the current theme being studied or letter of the alphabet.

K-6: Develops perceptual awareness through the involvement of all the senses. Elementary art provides an opportunity for hands-on experiences in producing art, enhanced by the integration of art history, art criticism, and aesthetic critiques. Attention is given to man’s God-given potential to create while also learning to appreciate the beauty and order God has displayed throughout creation.


JK:  Stretching, organized calisthenics, discusses health topics such as the importance of movement, keeping your body healthy, etc.  

K-6: Prepares young students in the areas of physical conditioning, competitive confrontation, and spiritual formation as they relate to sports. Physical conditioning incorporates habitual physical exercise into lifestyle. Competition explores the parameters necessary to create a truly competitive environment. Sportsmanship is modeled through role play and consistent practice in individual and group settings. Emphasis is given to the formation of physical and intellectual habits that are lifelong and beneficial not only to the body but to the heart, mind, and soul as students mature into cooperative productive adults .


JK:  Songs, chants, hand and body movements, rhythm.
K-6:  Teaches students the many aspects of the elements of music while  integrating units on music history, music criticism, and aesthetic critiques. Students experience music through multi-sensory instruction and the integration of other disciplines as well as grade-level appropriate development of skills. As they apply these skills, students create their own compositions.

Great Books

Grades K-2.  Seeing as multiple studies emphasize the importance of reading aloud to students, we have instituted a time for just this purpose.  Children are read to from many of the traditional children’s books and authors. These include Aesop’s Fables, many different fairy tales, stories from American history, books by Jan Brett, Virginia Lee Burton, Margaret Wise Brown, Robert McCloskey’s Make Way for Ducklings, animal stories by Beatrix Potter and James Herriot, and many, many more.  There is also discussion of the themes and lessons to be learned after the reading is completed.


Latin gives students an understanding of the nature of the language; its grammatical structure; the richness of its vocabulary; and its ability to communicate meaning in the context of the Roman culture.
Grade 3: Lays the foundation of vocabulary and cultural understanding through memorized chants and various projects.
Grades 4-6: Covers most of the first two books of the Cambridge Latin Course.  These help build vocabulary and develop a rudimentary understanding of Latin grammar.


Christ Covenant is committed to making every effort within its capacity to support students to succeed academically.  To fulfill this commitment, short-term tutorial services are provided, as needed, by a team of support staff based on teacher/administrative referral.  A referral form is completed and submitted to the team with specific descriptors regarding the reason for the referral and examples of student work. Teachers also communicate with parents when a referral is made.  Intervention session(s) are then scheduled during students’ special classes to ensure that no core instructional time is missed. Feedback is provided to teachers following the session(s).