Our Ideal Graduate

Our Ideal Graduate

The ideal graduate from Christ Covenant School shares in the distinctiveness of the school in the areas of academics, lifelong learning, reasoning, interconnecting reasoning with virtuous living, and holiness.  Thus, the ideal graduate of Christ Covenant School exemplifies the following characteristics:

Academics.  Having completed a full course of study including the humanities, mathematics, foreign language, and science, along with a variety of programs in composition, logic, music and art, they are academically sound generalists who are well-prepared to choose and excel in post-secondary areas of study.

Lifelong Learning.  They evidence the behaviors and character traits leading them to value and pursue formal and informal learning throughout adulthood and continually apply knowledge from all avenues of inquiry to their lives.

Reasoning.  They use logic, formal and informal, to seek Truth; through communication and practice, they demonstrate the reasoning and critical thinking which leads them to rationally analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information and logically order and organize thought. They enjoy physical health to the extent that the habits of self-discipline, order, planning, and rational thought can lead to such.

Interconnecting Reasoning with Virtuous Living.  Since learning to reason within the context of Christian and Western traditions leads to the formation of a Christian worldview, they apply their understanding to the continued development of becoming virtuous, acting morally, judging rightly, appreciating beauty, and growing in Christ-like holiness.

Holiness.  Demonstrating the habits of godliness which have taken hold of their hearts, transformed through knowledge and virtue, they demonstrate a continual growth toward Christ-like holiness.  They passionately pursue the mind of Christ and strive to love Him with all their heart, mind and soul.  Coupled with the internal ministry of the Holy Spirit, their lives manifest such virtues as courage, temperance, liberality, humility, confidence, meekness, truthfulness, friendliness, modesty, keen intelligence, righteous indignation, and justice.  They appreciate beauty as a reflection of God, and they treat their bodies, minds, and souls as a place of residence of the Holy Spirit.

Thus, Truth, goodness, and beauty cultivate wisdom and virtue in the hearts and lives of our ideal graduates as they follow after Christ.