Meaning of House

Traditionally, the house system was used in British boarding schools.  The students were divided by building to enjoy camaraderie, and keen, but friendly, competition.  House names are usually influenced by historical leaders, animals, or, in the case of Christ Covenant, biblical figures.  The house system is still widely used today; students are grouped, athletic and academic competitions are organized, and points are earned and totaled for an end-of-year winner. 
The Christ Covenant School house system has four student-led houses.  These Upper School houses maintain character standards through peer accountability. Each house instills student ownership by allowing the students to create an individual house name and culture by which they will operate.  All houses have a constitution which governs their procedures and how leaders are elected. The overall goal of the house system is to create leaders who know how to serve their community.

Houses of Christ Covenant

House Mission

To enhance the mission of the school by fostering greater community among students and faculty. 

House Vision

To establish four houses between the seventh to twelfth grades.  These houses will provide an opportunity for academic, social, and skill development.  

The house mission and vision guide as a compass through the social and behavioral accountability, while introducing and cultivating healthy competition.  Five major Upper School annual events will be planned every school year allowing the houses to square off and showcase their talents.  These events are where the majority of the points are earned. Additionally, students are awarded points for academics, athletics, service, biblical knowledge and conduct.  Each May, the points are tallied and the title of house winner is announced.