Financial Aid

CCS is committed to enrolling those students who will benefit most from the school’s academic programs. The school actively recruits students from all racial and socio-economic backgrounds. Although we believe that parents have the primary responsibility to pay for the educational expenses of their children, we also realize that some families may need financial assistance to afford our education program. As such, Christ Covenant School offers financial aid and participates in the North Carolina Opportunity Scholarship program.

Within the limits of the school’s financial aid resources, Financial Aid seeks to assist those families with demonstrated financial needs. The school’s need-based financial aid is applied for and awarded annually. All financial information is kept strictly confidential.

Financial Aid packets are available in the school office each year beginning in early January. After obtaining a packet, follow the link below to apply for financial aid. All applications must be completed and information returned to the office no later than March 15th to be considered for financial aid for the following school year.

Financial Aid

Opportunity Scholarship Program

Christ Covenant School is a registered private school with North Carolina Opportunities Scholarship program. For more information on the program click the link below.

Opportunity Scholarships